“The City that went away”

is the story of a small town with narrow streets and houses so old and crookedly leaning against each other that they look like they might collapse. With time, the people living there become more and more dissatisfied – they are longing for something new, something fancy. Unfortunately, they have forgotten the language of the houses and ignore the fact, that the houses themselves are becoming sadder and sadder. One night, the houses get to the point of no return – and go away. On the next morning, when the people wake up, nothing is the same as it was the day before. There is chaos and panic everywhere and nobody understands what actually happened. Where have all the houses gone!? Fortunately the old fisherman Nestor is there, who speaks the language of the houses…

Text and Illustration: Stella Dreis. Clavis Books. Hasselt/ 2008/ ISBN: 9789044808476
Coming soon! in Portuguese: Cosac Naify, São Paulo