Tiny-Thought_CoverTiny Thought and his Travels” (WT)

A small figure makes its way through rough times on a journey to a place where it belongs. “Tiny thought’s travels” is a new story about growth and the biggest adventure of all: finding oneself and others in life.

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Grimms Märchenreise

In 1812, the brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm published their famous collection of German folk tales, called “Children’s and Household Tales” (Kinder- und Hausmärchen). Today, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the influential work, Stella has chosen seven of today’s readers favourite stories to interpret them in a new sumptuous Wimmelbilderbuch brought out by Thienemann Verlag in Stuttgart. The book is suitable for all ages.

In 2013, the book received the Troisdorfer Bilderbuchpreis and a BIB Golden Plaque and was exhibited at the 24th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava from 6th September until 25th October 2013.


Happiness is a Watermelon on Your Head

(1st ed. Callis Editora, 2011), was written and also illustrated by Stella. The book was translated into rhymed English verses by Daniel Hahn and published in Great Britain early 2012.

Order: UK / GER

Paula is happy

(“Paula ist glücklich”, Monterosa Verlag, Karlsruhe, 2012) tells us about the experiences of a small girl and all the small things that make her happy.


The Andersen classic „The princess and the pea“ (“Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse”, Thienemann Verlag, 2009) was Stella’s first publication in Germany and was nominated for “Troisdorfer Bilderbuchpreis” in 2010.

„The city that went away” (“De stad die ervandoor ging“, Clavis, 2007) was Stella’s first publishing success as an author and illustrator. The work was honoured with the Hasselt Publication Award.