» ( (  (   Stella on air   )  ) ) (again!)

& Watermelons rolling on BBC’s New Year’s Eve

in CBeebies Bedtime Stories programme at 650pm on Dec. 31st 2013. Tune in here!

» JAPAN Exhibition

After receiving a BIB Plaque Award “Grimms Märchenreise” goes on a travelling exhibition in Japan:

The Hiratsuka Museum of Art (July 2014)
Kawara Museum (October 2014-November 2014)
Chiba City Museum of Art (January 2015)
Ashikaga Museum of Art (April 2015)
Urawa Art Museum (July 2015)

» NEW publication on its way!

Illustration artist Stella Dreis and author Johannes Alisch are looking forward to the publication of their first collaborative work “Tiny thought’s travels” (WT)!

» BIB Plaque Award for “Grimms Tales”

More international attention for “Grimms Maerchenreise” (Grimm’s Tales): Stella received a BIB Plaque at the 24th Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava

» ( (  (   Stella on air   )  ) )

Listen to dradio’s archived literature show from Saturday, 27th July today and learn about new tendencies in Picture Books!

“Experimentierfreudig und provozierend: Neue Erzählweisen im Bilderbuch” (von Sylvia Schwab)

» More Rights sold!

Stella worldwide: “Watermelons” is going to China, “Paula” is going to South Korea and is already available in Spanish around Latin America, “Grimms Märchenreise” is going to Brazil!

» Bratislava Illustration Biennial

What great news! Stella will represent Germany at the 24th Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava / Slovakia. A selection of pictures from “Grimm’s Märchenreise” will be shown at the exhibition spaces during September and October this year.

Visit BIB online or learn more about the Biennial Exhibition in Bratislava on Wikipedia.

Glimpse into the award-winning book here!


Stella was awarded the “Troisdorfer Bilderbuchpreis” for her 2012 book “GRIMMS MÄRCHENREISE” (Thienemann, 2012)!

Read the full PRESS STATEMENT (in German).

» Stella is teaching at Kunstverein Heidelberg: Stella’s Workshops!


Stella wird im Januar zwei Workshops für Kinder ab 5 Jahren im Kunstverein Heidelberg anbieten: Plätze können unter 06221 184086 // reserviert werden. Eine einmalige Gelegenheit für Kinder, Stella’s Arbeit kennenzulernen und sich in den inspirierenden Räumen des Kunstvereins auszutoben!

Fr-So 11.1. -13.1. (Ausgebucht!/ Fully booked!)


Sa. 26.1. (Ein-Tagesworkshop / One-day workshop), 14-17h (Ausgebucht!/ Fully booked!)

Interessenten können sich per Email für Informationen über kommende Kurse anmelden.


Organized by Kunstverein Heidelberg, Stella is holding a workshop series in January for very young people in Heidelberg. A great chance for children to experience Stella’s unique teaching within the exhibition space and to be inspired by the sumptuous current displays!

Save the date and reserve your place today: 06221 184086 /

Visit Kunstverein’s pages to learn more!