(c) Photography: Markus Kaesler

Born in 1972 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, author-illustrator and painter Stella Dreis has been studying and working in Germany since 1995.

Essential roots for her artistic life reach far back into early childhood years and youth. At the young age of five, her first drawing teachers were representatives of the classical Russian school. In the early 1990s Stella decided to pursue her artistic career in Germany. She became affiliated with JAK Akademie in Hamburg and graduated with honours as a fashion designer in 2000.

After several years in fashion, Stella rediscovered classical drawing as her most favoured means of expression. Soon, her first major book project „De stad die ervandoor ging“ (“The city that went away”) was completed. For it, Stella became a Hasselt Book Price nominee and received their publication price from Clavis Publishers. In 2013 she received the renowned Troisdorfer Bilderbuchpreis for her Book Grimms Märchenreise and has continued to have her illustrations and writing reach a wide public. She also was awarded a Golden Plaquette from Bratislava International Biennial of Illustrations in 2013 and has her works displayed at international exhibitions.

Today, Stella is living and working in Heidelberg as an author and illustrator. She also enjoys passing on her experience as an arts teacher.