“Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head”

is the story of three women, who just can’t make themselves happy. What would work? And why is their neighbour, Ms Bright so happy all day long? How does she manage this? What is her secret? Everyday the three ladies take their positions listening and watching and imitating their neighbour but nothing works. But then one day, they see Ms Bright happily walking down the street singing to herself. And wearing on her head a watermelon rind! “That’s it, finally, we know the secret!” the three of them think and head for the fridge…Is that really the key to happiness?

Text and Illustration: Stella Dreis: Callis Editora/ São Paulo/ 2011/ ISBN: 9788574164243
English Edition translated by Daniel Hahn, Phoenix Yard Books/ London/ 2012/ ISBN: 9781907912054

Rights sold to: UK, China